Improve Your Game Permanently in Less than 5 Minutes

I know you are saying, “AW C”MON! Every training aid infomercial, every teacher, every TV commentator, every so-called expert with golf tips says the same thing…and you know what? IT NEVER WORKS!

I agree 100%.

It is a fact that in golf there is nothing you can do to achieve instant perfection. 

But, you can improve immediately, if you will agree to take on a different approach…and here it is… 

To improve your game immediately and permanently… 

Clean Your Room! 

In the book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Dr. Jordan Peterson, he uses the metaphor of cleaning your room as an amazing way to improve your life.

As it relates to golf performance improvement, “cleaning your room”
would require that you:
1st – Recognize the parts of your game that are a mess.
2nd – Find the motivation to clean them up. 


3rd – Do something about what is in the most obvious need of your attention. In other words, take some action to “clean them up”. 
4th – Continue to “clean your room!” Stay committed to preventing the same mess from influencing your game in a negative way again. 

There is a pervasive but misguided conviction among golfers that adding a new skill set, adjusting your golf grip, renovating the swing, adding a fifth wedge or getting custom fit for a super powered self-shooting new driver will immunize them from making bad decisions. While all of those ideas may have merit, that is not the outline of what is being offered here.

I am proposing the idea that you become mindful of the parts of your game that are killing your scores…and that you simply…

Stop doing those things. 

The first step is to stop doing those things that are the most obvious, the ones that everyone notices…the ones you already know about without having to drill deep into diagnostic analysis or go to a psychotherapist to discover.

For example, if you know you are a poor bunker player, choosing shots 


that eliminate or at the least minimize the chance of hitting the ball into a bunker would be one way to “clean your room”. 

Maybe you are not very good at short-side lob shots. Playing away from the short side of pin locations would be a good way to “clean your room”. 

If you know you are not a good fairway metal player and you know that you probably cannot hit a successful shot with the fairway metal club that you are “supposed to use”, use your favorite club instead, no matter 


what it is, to significantly improve your chances of hitting a successful shot. These golf tips would be another great way to “clean your room”.

If you know you have something in your golf swing that always shows up on the course, but not on the practice tee…learn how to compensate for it in the interim, while you are in the process of working to eliminate it. This can get a bit complicated, but with help from your personal PGA or LPGA instructor, you can figure out a way to play better with the imperfection until your swing gets better with a little golf swing practice. If you’d like to set up a golf lesson, contact us. Just one more way to “clean your room”. 

It is a very simple formula:
1.) We all have parts of our games that are better than other parts. Based on evidence from your previous 5-10 rounds, what are yours? By determining what the strongest components of your game are you can immediately begin to play toward those strengths
2.) Come to a conclusive understanding as to what are the weakest elements in your game and then avoid them. 
3.) Play to your strengths. The proposal of focusing on improving your weaknesses as a way to lower your scores is simply wrong. Place your strengths in the center of your attention on every shot and play toward them. Choose the shots and the clubs that are your most reliable based on recent evidence, using results from your last 5-10 rounds. 
4.) Make better shot selection decisions. Stay away from the shots and skills in your game that are outside what you have determined to be your strengths. Be committed to the principle that, “I am going to play toward my strengths and stay away from my weaknesses. I am going to play the shot that I know I can execute, not the one I am “supposed to play.”

Want to improve your game in a permanent way? 


And simply stop doing the obvious things that are destroying your scores.