5 Reasons Why Tennis Is Great for All Ages

Tennis is an ideal option for anyone looking for fun outdoor sports. The low-impact exercise is great for strength training and cardio, which makes it a great sport for people at nearly every age. Even better, you can adjust each tennis game to suit your mood and skill level; one day you might play a slow, leisurely game and the next a higher-intensity, more competitive one. Here are a few more reasons why tennis is an activity to keep in mind for everyone, no matter your age.

  1. It’s a Social Sport.

There are no two ways about it; you can’t play tennis solo! Whether you go to the tennis court to play singles (you’re against one other person) or coordinate a doubles match (you and a teammate vs. two people on the opposing team), you’re almost certainly in for a good time. Tennis has a way of bringing out good-natured competition and spirited banter when played by old friends and new friends alike.

  1. Tennis Makes for Great Exercise.

Kids and young adults will love the thrill of hitting the ball and getting their hearts pumping by bouncing around the court. And adults past 45 will especially love how playing tennis can help bolster their weight management efforts, and keep weight-related diseases at bay. The regular exercise is also sure to supply players with a lot of endorphins and extra energy.

  1. It Supports Bone Health.

In addition to burning calories, tennis provides a unique form of weight-bearing exercise. This, in particular, is good for the bones, which tend to become weaker with age. You can keep them strong and even prevent bone breakage by starting a regular tennis regimen.

  1. It Can Help Keep Your Brain Sharp.

All of us, no matter our age, can benefit from activities that keep us mentally engaged. But the older we get, the more intentional we often need to be about exercising our minds. Tennis provides an opportunity to practice tactical thinking and keep your brain dexterous. This makes it a truly great exercise for seniors.

  1. Tennis Can Improve Balance & Coordination.

The pros make it look easy to run around the tennis court, swing the racket, and score some points. But all of the technique and physical movement in tennis requires a good deal of balance and coordination. The only way to improve in these areas is to continue practicing, and when you do, you’ll start to notice you’re more in control of your body. This can also help reduce your chances of falling and hurting yourself, which is a concern as we get older.

Whatever stage of life you’re in, tennis can be a great fit for your exercise needs. If you’re retired, it might be the perfect time to get back into – or start new with – a hobby like tennis. The best way to learn is to take lessons from a USPTA instructor, and we have one on staff at Terravita Golf & Country Club for our members. If you are looking to move to an active community, Contact us to learn more!